Our Team

Welcome to Dating Dossier! We are an online resource dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about the best dating sites and apps for your needs. Our team of experts have years of experience in the world of online dating, so we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to finding a match.

We understand that navigating the modern landscape of digital romance can be overwhelming at times – there is just so much out there! That’s why our mission is simple: provide unbiased reviews on all major platforms, from Tinder and Bumble to Match.com or eHarmony; no matter which site or app you choose, we want you armed with enough information that will help lead you towards success in love (or whatever else!)

Our team consists not only experienced professionals but also real people who use these services themselves – after all, how better could one possibly learn than by experiencing first-hand? With this combination knowledge base behind us – both theoretical as well as practical – rest assured knowing that every review written here has been done through careful research backed up by personal experiences using each platform reviewed.

In short: whether looking for something casual or long term relationship goals; if seeking companionship near home or abroad; if wanting a more specific niche service such as LGBTQ+ friendly options…whatever type of connection desired — let us guide your journey into cyberspace with ease & confidence!